Bella and Bailey - The Puppy Shoot

When I found out that a friend had kept back one of her Fox Red Labrador puppies I knew I had to photograph them. They are one of my favourite breed and also the bonus of having a mother and daughter was going to make for some beautiful images.

The idea

I am always slightly excitable about puppies. I love them (if you don’t then you have a cold heart). I started imagining the perfect puppy shots you see on Pinterest and Google images. The pair looking lovingly towards each other. Sitting still, standing still, generally being still for the camera.

The reality

The reality is that Bella is a puppy and Bailey is a young active working breed. The location was perfect and they were perfect but the lack of still was far from perfect. I am more than happy to get motion shots and think they can look just as stunning as posed shots but these two were always at opposite sides of the house/garden/drive, inside/outside, moving/still. On totally different pages. Bailey is a well-trained dog so can be asked to sit and stay and will listen. Bella is a puppy that is yet to be trained and sit and stay are not part of her life yet. Bailey also took quite a distinct disliking to the camera. I have had this in the past with a few other dogs and also the total opposite when they love the camera so much they just want to be in it.

So, we played and went with it.

Puppies are babies after all, and their energy only lasts so long.

The Result

Bella calmed dramatically. She would stand and sit for five second periods. Bailey decided that as I was OK the camera must also be OK and agreed to stop running away from it. By not forcing the situation we ended up getting some stunning natural images of the pair.

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